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Borderlands 8-12-17-8239

The Trump administration’s plan for the border wall is extreme and would be disastrous. Here are  ways you can help stop it:

  1. Reach out to your members of Congress! The Trump administration cannot build the border wall if Congress doesn’t vote to fund it. As you will learn from the Border Wall Toolkit booklet, the best ways to ensure that your No Border Wall message gets to your member of Congress are phone calls to staff in congressional offices, tweets at them, and in-person in-district constituent visits. The Toolkit has a call script, sample tweets and tips for organizing  an in-district meeting.
  2.  Host a postcard party!  Invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers or make arrangements with a club you are a member of. You can host at your home, at a coffee shop, a restaurant during happy hour, or at another community gathering place. Print out Save Santa Ana postcards on heavy-duty cardstock and cut them out. Or have people make their own cards out of 4X6 index cards. Collect donations for postage and send them to each of your Congressional representatives.
  3. Get an anti-border wall resolution passed in your community! Communities all along the southern border are passing resolutions rejecting border walls because of the damage they will bring to their communities, farms, and natural areas. We would like to see cities all over the country pass anti-wall resolutions in solidarity with border cities. Please see the How to Pass a Resolution sheet to learn how to go about asking your city or county government to pass a resolution against the wall.
  4. Stay updated and spread the message through social media! Check out our Save Santa Ana facebook page, as well as the Sierra Club Borderlands Team group page. Follow SC Borderlands on Twitter.
  5. Donate to the Lower Rio Grande Valley Sierra Club! Your donation will help us host events, create content, spread the word, and stop the border wall. You can donate online through our PayPal account here.
  6. Please let us know what actions you take! You can email us at lrgvsierraclub@gmail.com and tell us what you did. We can also help point you to any other resources you might need.



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